One of the unique
     and fun aspects of Mount Savage is The Castle:


Castle Facade

The Castle

  The Castle has been a part of the history of Mount Savage from the Union Mining Company, through Andrew Ramsay (immigrant from Scotland and owner of the Mount Savage Enameled Brickworks Company), and to today as a great Bed and Breakfast.  We have developed a habit of staying there on occasion, and enjoy it each time.  Our last stay was at the Munday Suite.  

Munday Nameplate
One of Five Rooms Available for Guests


Getting there
     For your convenience:


  If you approach The Castle from the west on MD 36 the way we did you arrive at Mount Savage like this:  
Mt. Savage Road Sign
Welcome to Mount Savage
  Just a little farther down the road we come to the main entrance of The Castle:  
Carriage House
The Carriage House of The Castle

Now we are here

and it is time to check in.  It is early enough that there is time to explore the grounds.  The the fading evening light casts The Castle in a cloak of mauve, the gray, orange and tan of the old sandstone giving way to the reddening of the blue sky.

Castle Daytime View
The Evening is Settling in on The Castle
Wandering through the gardens this evening brings some interesting things in view.  Our innkeepers Tony and Judi have some pets, but generally you will only see the cats on occasion as they prowl… or sleep on the grounds.  Or you may note the maiden carrying water.  I have never asked, but perhaps this is Rebekah serving Abraham’s servant by watering the camels.  Opportunities to be someone so important to history don’t happen very often
CatLounging   WomaninGarden
Near the Pond in the Garden
  This time of year has some pleasing flowers in bloom.  Both color and form are a treat for the eyes.  
purpleflower  CastleFlowers  PinkFlowers
   Some Flora Around The Castle
This is a nice tree, the light colored bark stands out in the failing light against the dark green of the other trees and the growing shadows.  (Don’t let the bright sky fool you, the camera does a great job making use of available light.)  This is the time of year for fireflies.  If you look closely you will see the trail of light left behind by a few of these curious creatures.  (Lacking a fancier camera; it was difficult to get a shot with any more of the beasties in view.)
Castle Tree   CastleLawn
A Nice Tree and Look Closely for the Fireflies
  Oh, it is getting late, just a quick walk back inside, but at night there are still some things to see.  Does this bench and lamppost give you a warm sense of seclusion?  
MoonOverCastle   EveningBench
Getting Late, Just a Bit More to See Tonight
  Wow, this is a neat view of The Castle, what pretty lights!  

A Nice Play of Color in The Castle’s Silhouette!


  Have you seen this face before?  If you ever watched Magoo’s Christmas Carol it may seem familiar.  Magoo’s is my favorite rendition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  As you may recall Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by his tortured since passed associate Jacob Marley; warning Scrooge of the dangers of continuing his selfish greedy way of life, and how that life hurts the innocent.  The knocker on Scrooge’s door becomes the center piece of the first warning of what is to come later that night. However at The Castle, you may not notice this fellow; the wood front door is usually open.  (There is a secure interior door that is locked at off hours.)  So when you visit, be sure to look behind the door.  (PS, Have you ever heard of Google Books?  If you click on the photo of the doorknocker, it should take you to Google Books and a listing of on-line copies of A Christmas Carol should you so be inclined.)
Doorknocker for a Castle

Time to turn
    in for the night! Inside for the night now we head up to our room.  The Castle has many decorations to give it some character and befitting charm for its nature and history.

Candleabra   MarbleRelief
Elegant Candelabra and Lord Elgin’s Marbles
  Our room, the Munday Suite, is quite nice.  It is above the kitchen where the cook must have stayed.  But it has changed with The Castle’s new use.  Things have been rearranged so there is a sitting room, bedroom and bathroom, all very nice.  The room encompasses the back stairs leading to the kitchen.  Once you notice the stairs and look up, you will be greeted by this young lady.  What a nice use of the space.  
When Exploring Check  Everywhere
  You will find many antiques well kept and appropriately dressed.  
HardwoodFurniture   AntiqueLamp
Some of the Furnishings and Antiques
  The bath is well equipped, and comes with these comfy robes!  
Unexpected Comforts!
  Our bed is great!  Feather topper and all!  This is not an average motel at all!  See at the head of the bed, art work and items leave no walls unadorned.  
The Four Poster Bed in the Munday Suite
  Well, all things are set for a good night’s sleep, so nighty-night.  

Morning comes
and The Castle earns the other half of its job title.  On the way down you may notice the newel post for the balustrade at the top of the stairs.  You may find a surprise there.

Why is the Cap Loose? Surprise!
  The weather is beautiful today, and we choose to enjoy our breakfast and the outdoors surroundings at the same time.  
TerraceBreakfast   Freshfruit
What a Setting, and What a Meal!
  The fruit plate is just for starters, Tony hand-makes an amazing breakfast and Judi is an excellent hostess!  While that incredible breakfast makes itself happy on our inside, we can take some time to explore some more of the inside of The Castle.  There is lots to see.  Here is a brief sampling of what awaits you.  If the weather had been stubborn, we could have eaten in one of the dining rooms.  
Fine Dining at The Castle
Fireplace  Flooring  CeilingArt
The Library; Note the Brick Fireplace is built from Custom Molded Brick
  Remember Andrew Ramsay the Brick Works owner?  I guess when it’s your brick works it’s easy to get a custom molded fireplace.  The Castle makes liberal use of brick from the Brick Works, here is another sample from the ceiling of the front covered entryway.  
An Enameled Brick Porch Ceiling

Aw man,
     do we have to go! One last look as we travel on our way.

LeavingView   Driveway
With The Castle Behind Us, the Driveway is Our Last View from The Castle

Say “Hi” to Tony and Judi for us when you stay.  We plan to be back soon!

Charles & Sandy


Tandy and Jason Gagnon (Stayed Dec 28th-29th)

I just wanted to take some time to say Thank You for your hospitality and a wonderful break from reality! We loved The Castle and are really looking forward to coming back in the spring when the weather is warmer!  The Munday suite was perfect for me, (although Jason says he woke up at 2:30ish to footsteps in the sitting room area, didn't spook him out as much as i thought it would have.). When normal day to day is me in the house with 3 kids who area all boys plus my Marine husband, staying in the feminine Munday suite was very relaxing (I actually got to read and enjoy a book!) and the frills reminded me of when i was a child, when i had the very girly bedroom! And Tonys breakfast was AMAZING! Jason is normally a VERY picky eater but he even loved it! And Thank you Judi and Tony! and kitties too!) You made our 1st B&B visit a perfect one!

Jim and Catherine Saenz
I wanted to let you know staying at your place was the highlight of our Western Maryland getaway. I actually did forget about paying because you made it feel like we were staying with friends and it was time to leave. The room was amazing as was the breakfast. But above all was your hospitality. You both  are gracious hosts.
But we both said we wished we could have stayed both days at the Castle. We have told our friends about and we will be back in October for sure. Thank you again for making us feel like old friends,